Poised Near the Pacific

We left home on Thursday at 0430.

L to R: Jeffrey, Joey [in the bag]. (Photo by Nancy)

Goodbye to the Manhattan skyline.

We passed over some of the Great Lakes to which we biked in 2014.

Lake Huron
Lake Michigan

Then it was snow country. Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho. States to which we haven’t yet biked.

North Dakota

Soon we’ll double back into eastern Washington, on the ground, between the mountains, below most of the snow.

Washington State

Jeffrey’s brother David and his spouse Andrea watched over our gear in Seattle since March 2019. They welcomed us back.

L to R: David, Andrea

We had a visitor at David and Andrea’s place. Meet Clinton of Seattle Trike.

Clinton sports our button quoting FDR on January 6, 1941:
”Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere.”

While we were away, he upgraded our Inspired Cycle Engineering Sprint 26. New tires, new chain, new shifters, new gears, new lights.

L to R: Joey, Clinton. Above the sign is an x-ray of Jeffrey’s titanium-reinforced leg, a conversation piece for the folks we meet on the road.

Clinton installed a small electric motor. He taught Jeffrey how it works.

Switched on when needed, it will add oomph when Jeffrey pedals. It will get us out of tight spots.

Like in 2019 when a half hour before sunset, we were climbing a sparsely traveled California mountain road. We were too slow to reach the next town before dark.

We, and you, rely every day on the kindness of strangers. Kind people in a passing truck gave us a lift.


But sometimes no strangers show up. And if our trucker friends had been in a car, we might have had to spend the night in the open.

Now we have a backup plan.

Thanks, Clinton!

Tomorrow we hit the road.

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