Jeffrey Heller and his “kangaroo court” puppet pal Joey are riding a tricycle 1300 miles to raise money for Human Rights First and their work helping refugees win asylum in the United States.

Human Rights First’s asylum work changes lives—both of refugees and their lawyers. A refugee with a lawyer is three times more likely to win asylum than one without representation, and with the help of Human Rights First, whose program is one of the largest and most successful of its kind in the United States, they consistently win over 90% of their cases. Together, we can help victims of persecution restart their lives in the United States.

As Joey and Jeffrey travel from NYC through the American West, we ask that you make a pledge to recognize this ride into the heartland by giving to Human Rights First.

One hundred percent of your donation goes to Human Rights First, funding their work to support over 1,000 refugees who need this help.

9 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Jeffrey,
    I really enjoyed meeting you today at the TIAA event and have passed your blog info along to Mike. It would be great if you two could do a cross country bike ride. Keep up the good work.
    Patricia (Ed’s wife).


  2. Hi,

    I teach with Deena and she shared your adventure and cause with all of her coworkers. I think this is amazing and I wish you a safe, happy, and productive trip to Chicago! I will be checking in to see who you meet and the beautiful pictures you post!



  3. How ironic, yesterday you met my daughter, Steph, in Green Bay, and today you rode your bike within blocks of our family’s home in Grafton. Just a week and a half ago, we had the walls of our bathroom redone. It was a two day process–the first day I wasn’t home while the man stripped the wallpaper and applied the textured finish. So when he came back the second day, I commented to him that it was looking good, and asked him how long he’d been doing this kind of work. That one question led to a conversation about how much he likes doing his work and how much the clients like his work, but yet as an immigrant he encounters so many roadblocks in life that we, Caucasian U.S. suburbanites, couldn’t even imagine. His parents don’t want him to ever return home for fear of what the mafia might do to him. Ever since that conversation that day, I can’t stop thinking about how unfair, difficult, and dangerous life is for so many people throughout the world, and wish I could do so much more. I applaud you for your work and your ride. Safe travels and best wishes for a successful fundraising campaign!!


  4. Hi Jeffrey,

    Please let us know when you will come to New Mexico. As a resident and native that worked at TIAA with Nancy, we would love to welcome you.
    Deborah Burns
    505 264-9845


  5. We really enjoyed your visit. Love the passion you bring and share to the world. Keep fighting the good fight. Much love from El Reno, Okla.


  6. Hi, I am Dannys daughter, you have his picture up/you met him in Upton. He told me all about you and was so excited to see that you had wrote about him and shared his picture. He wanted me to let you know that he will be watching your travels, and wishes you the best of luck! He says you are the nicest man ever, and it was a privileged talking to and meeting you.


  7. Pleasure meeting you today in Elk, CA – there’s a post about your epic trek on “Mendocinosportsplus.” Best of luck – stay safe.


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