Hands Across The Continent

Jeffrey’s sister-in-law Andrea led us on a scenic tour of Seattle’s Alki Beach waterfront.

Andrea biked 33 miles with us.

We thought it was too cold for swimming. Not these folks!

Here’s the Seattle skyline, from the Space Needle (we were there 2 days ago) on the left, to the Columbia Center on the right.

A cormorant rested on a piling in Elliott Bay.

Our trike, our Ride for Human Rights signs, our having come from New York City, attracted considerable attention on the waterfront.  Kaiti and Marcia called out to us.

L to R: Kaiti, Marcia.

These Seattleites were amazed that we had pedaled from NYC, and sad to learn that asylum seekers, no matter how ill-prepared or desperate, can have a lawyer only “at no expense to the government.”  They support human rights for all, including counsel to help asylum applicants prove their cases, and will look us up on the Web.

Snowy mountains across the bay.

We had a New York surprise.  The original name of the first American colony on Duwamish Nation land at what is now Seattle, in 1851, was . . .

. . . followed by another New York surprise . . .

L to R: Jeffrey, Lady Liberty (facsimile).

. . . followed by another New York surprise!

L to R: Eric, Jeffrey. Each was happy to meet a New Yorker.

Eric, a graphic artist and avid cyclist, emigrated to Seattle from the Flatlands area of Brooklyn in 1984.  Eric and Jeffrey talked a bit about the Ride.  Then he and Andrea and Jeffrey’s niece Elizabeth . . .

Elizabeth, a Seattle native.

. . . quizzed one another about common friends and acquaintances.  But Eric’s real interest was in our trike, the Sprint 26.  Eric was particularly admired our yellow noodle, and took photos to share with his fellow Seattle cyclists.

Andrea led us past the Chief Si?ahl [sic – this First Nation uses a unique alphabet] Duwamish Tribal Longhouse and Cultural Center.  It’s a reminder that the English language and people of European ancestry are relative newcomers to Seattle—as to all of North America.

We are grateful to Andrea for her guidance today, and for the kindness Seattle’s drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians have shown us on the roads and when we meet.  Seattle was a fine place to end our Western trip.

The Ride continues.  Tomorrow we return to New York.  We will update you from there.