We Pause for Talk and Cuteness

We didn’t bike today.

We spoke to a religious group.

The audience heard how the Ride for Human Rights evolved from the 1,216 mile Ride to Postville, to today’s goal of reaching people in the Lower 48 States with ideas about immigration, refugees, asylum law, and human rights.

Jeffrey emphasized the goodness of the people we’ve met on our Rides through 39 states across the USA.

The states to which we’ve biked on the first nine Rides for Human Rights.

Americans want to do the right thing.  Concerning immigration issues, sometimes they aren’t well enough informed to decide what that is.  From our decades of experience, we provide knowledge clearly, simply, nonjudgmentally.  People respond.

One never knows how one’s message is received.

We did strike a chord with at least one person in today’s audience, a military veteran who thanked us for our service and asked that we not use her name.  She is on the GI Bill, working part-time, attending college—she has no money to spare—yet handed Jeffrey a generous contribution for Human Rights First.

Out of respect for the group’s customs, we took no photos at our talk.  But we want you to have some photos today.

Cute photos.

Meet Baby, the newest member of Jeffrey’s extended family.

L to R: Jeffrey, Baby.

One of Baby’s grandparents, a lawyer born in the USA, is descended from refugees from Russia.  Another grandparent, a judge, was born in Hungary.  Two grandparents, both doctors, were born in Taiwan.

We are reminded of Larry the Gold Beach (Oregon) Pizza Man’s claim that immigrants and their children don’t assimilate into American society.

We hope Larry reconsiders.

It’s up to us, and to you, who know the truth about immigrants and assimilation and success, to explain gently to the Larrys of America that Baby’s family is the norm.  Baby’s immigrant forebears were better Americans than the Americans.  Their descendants succeeded.  Everyone benefited.  Even Larry.

What complements a cute baby?  Cute animals.

L to R: Luna, Milo, avocado husk. The cats live with David and Andrea. Luna uses the washing machine as a latrine when she gets the chance. Milo opens cupboards and refrigerators and eats avocados. When the critters hear a tomato can open, they assume it’s canned fish and get excited until allowed to sniff the can top.

Cats and babies are more popular than kangaroo court puppets.  Cat and baby photos will introduce the Rides to a wider audience.

L to R: Luna (cute), Milo (cute), Joey (less cute).

Maybe a wider audience will generate more donations to Human Rights First and to the Interfaith Welcome Coalition.  Hundreds (maybe thousands) of people follow us, but thus far fewer than fifty have donated for the 9th annual Ride.

We should have thought of it years ago.

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