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Joey, matzah, &c.  “Aviv” means “Spring”.

Joey again.

Tonight begins the Feast of Freedom.  From David Harris of the AJC:

*                   *                    *

It’s a powerful story of the Jewish people’s journey from slavery to freedom, from the revelation at Sinai to the return to Israel, the Jewish people’s ancestral home. 

Passover also has universal meaning. 

During the [U.S.] civil rights struggle, African Americans, yearning for the full equality so shamefully denied them, sang a spiritual. 

The words include: “Go down Moses, way down in Egypt’s land, tell old Pharaoh, to let my people go.” 

And did you know that John Adams, Ben Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson closely identified with the Passover story?  They even proposed an American seal with an image of the Jewish exodus from Egypt. 

May the triumph of liberty and religious freedom central to the Passover story always prevail – here at home and around the world. 

*                    *                    *

Hundreds on five continents read Nancy’s guest post.  She wrote kind things.  She composed it on a flight from London to New York.

Visitors didn’t know what they’d find when they arrived.  They stopped by to see Nancy.  Whatever she’s selling, they’re buying!  You see why Jeffrey remains infatuated with her.

Now that you’ve visited, we hope you’ll come back again.

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3 thoughts on “Liberation Theology

  1. Jeff:
    Congratulations ,stay safe and Godspeed!Also,Happy Passover.
    Your friend,Bryan Hinton(360 Adams st.)


  2. Hi, My name is ELIJAH I am nine years old, your daughter Ms Heller is my teacher, I think she is cool like you.


    • Dear Elijah, If you are reading this blog, then you are cool too! Maybe it will inspire you to travel when you are a little older. All you need is a bicycle and you can see the world! (Just wait until you are 18 unless a parent gives you permission. You’re over halfway there already!) Have a wonderful break and, if you celebrate Easter, may that be happy too!


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