We’re Minor Forty-Niners

Minor? We’re not major, so what else would we be?


See that?

As of this morning, Jeffrey and I have carried the Human Rights First message for 15,000 miles to ALL of the Lower 48 United States, plus the District of Columbia, which makes … FORTY-NINE.

We remember Ride encounters and adventures in every one of the Lower 48—actually, 49.

We started in 2011.

The 13th annual Ride isn’t over yet.

Now, some parting glimpses of North Dakota.

We were surprised to learn that there are many USA continental divides. North Dakota’s is the line along which waters flow into the Gulf of Mexico on one side and into Hudson Bay on the other.
We aren’t going to Fargo. We’re going to the Twin Cities, yah.

We advanced into Minnesota.

We enjoyed tailwinds most of the day. And a sleet squall.
No more Great Plains. Minnesota has rolling hills.
Towns out here are closer together than in the Dakotas. Most look as quiet as Farwell. In the 1930 census, Farwell peaked at 147 people.
Two westbound trains were each at least a mile long, with locomotives at the front and in the middle.
Reminds us of a nursery rhyme: “Here is the church. Here is the steeple. Open the doors, and …”—where are the people?
We stopped at a Glenwood scenic overlook and read this 1955 plaque.
The lake is 230’ (70 meters) below the plaque.

We called out good wishes to people gathered for wedding photos. Jan and Brent came over to chat. We told them about the Ride, and about Human RIghts First.

Before we could take their photos, they were called back to the group. We didn’t want to intrude and slipped away quietly.

Before departing, we read the site’s history.

If kangaroo court puppets could be sarcastic, I’d say that this history perfectly demonstrates the evils of a government that responds to people’s needs.

But I’m not sarcastic.

The People want many things that our gerrymandered, lobbied, bought, extremist-cowed Federal government refuses to provide.

One of those things is a sensible, fair, straightforward, humane immigration regime that protects the persecuted, unites families, and provides employers with vital workers while giving workers vital employment.

Human Rights First does its part by working to that end.

By supporting HRF, you do your part too.

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