Ogden Again

Joey here.

In Utah.

Yesterday, Jeffrey and Nancy joined their friends Mona and Asher at the New York Botanical Garden.

L to R: Nancy, Mona, Asher, Jeffrey
Nancy, orchids … beautiful.

Asher and Mona gave us a cyclists’ hamsa for good luck on the road.

It’s made from a bicycle chain!

So far, the hamsa is working! We had a fine day.

We left home today at 4:30 AM. Nancy saw us off.

I’m in the yellow bag.
Goodbye NYC!
Morning moon off Rockaway Beach, after takeoff.

We flew over forests and farms, lakes and mountains.

A bit of snow fell in Wyoming since we biked just west of here last May.
Bear Lake. We biked the south and west shores near the end of the 12th Ride.
Great Salt Lake.
Landed in Utah!

Brett drove us to our friend Scott’s house in Eden.

Brett respects people who try to support their families. He suggests locking America’s Powers That Be in a room and not letting them out until they make reasonable compromises to give unauthorized immigrants a path out of the shadows. If such a gathering is convened, we want Brett to hold the key to the room!

In Eden, we were greeted by some of the Best family. Their name is fitting.

L to R: Kim, Scott, Lucifer.

Scott helped us gather our gear, which he had picked up and stored for us last May. He repaired the stress fracture on our flagpole.

Jeffrey unfolded the trike, updated our signs, and secured our cargo. Including me.

Goodbye to Eden!

Scott and Kim warned us that the Ogden Canyon road was narrow and winding. We pulled over to let motorists pass whenever the shoulder widened. Motorists drove gently. We didn’t feel afraid.

A week ago, this road was under 2 feet (60 cm) of snow.

We stopped by a waterfall. Donna and Paula stopped too. We had a nice chat about asylum law, and about their plan to hike in northern Britain. They took Jeffrey’s photo, and he took theirs with their phone, but he forgot to get copies. They took our calling card. If they see this post, we hope they will send us their photos so you can meet them.

Raegan and our calling card.

We stopped at a supermarket to buy yogurt and peanut butter, items one can’t carry onto an airliner. Raegan had just finished her shift. She called out to us to wish us well. Raegan listens to NPR and knows a lot about how the U.S. treats refugees. When she heard that donors to HRF through the Ride get a Beatles postcard autographed by Jeffrey and me, she told us about an Ogden bar with a wonderful collection of Beatles memorabilia. Raegan plans to follow the Ride.

L to R: Nico Jr., Nacho, Noelle, Nico Sr.

Nico Jr. is a sweet 14 month old. His mom Noelle grew up in Mexico City and is happy to call Ogden home. His dad Nico Sr. is a lifelong Utahan. They are sympathetic to immigrants and enthusiastic about the Ride.

Runoff from the record snow accumulation has to go somewhere. A passerby said that the Ogden River, already flooding, soon may overflow.
Carson, holding our calling card, helped us get the best possible rate for the first night of our 13th annual Ride.

Maybe today’s intense sun, warm air, and refreshing snow cover, made people cheerful. Maybe the Eden-Ogden area is just a happy place. For whatever reason, the people you met here today, and many others too, greeted us as friends, called out encouragement from their cars and trucks, gave us smiles and waves and respect on the road.

If nothing else, today we generated goodwill for human rights, and for Human Rights First.

7 thoughts on “Ogden Again

  1. “On the road again…” ( la la la- hear the music) “Happy trails to you..” .(more music) . Yahoo! ( hear the cheering) Mimi


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