Guest Essay: Twelve Years of Road Trips

Nancy here.

How the time has flown.

Jeffrey started riding for Human Rights in 2011. In those days, I could bury my head in work and forget for a good part of the day about Jeffrey biking on country roads in small town America with his kangaroo puppet Joey.

I snapped this in April 2011 when Jeffrey and Joey were about to roll.
I was in Charlotte on business on May 11, 2011.
That’s Jeffrey the same day, en route to Postville, Iowa.

It is ironic that Jeffrey’s safety has been more at risk close to home than across the country.  Seven years ago, Jeffrey was stopped on his bike at a traffic light when he was hit by an inattentive driver (texting I’m sure) in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Jeffrey called me at my office at lunchtime to say that he would have trouble getting his bicycle home. I asked why. When pressed for details, Jeffrey confessed that he had been brought by ambulance to a hospital emergency room; he said I didn’t need to rush out there (ridiculous). I put on my sneakers and ran for the subway to meet one of our daughters at the ER. Jeffrey’s left leg was broken in multiple places. After hours of surgery that ended at 1 AM, Jeffrey began his recovery. In 2 months, with a titanium rod in his leg, he was back on a bike. In 5 more months, he was on the 2015 Ride to New England.

Fortunately, Jeffrey had seen the SUV crossing into the wrong lane and coming toward him. He had just enough time to start moving to one side. Inches separated him from a terrible outcome. This is exactly what I’m most worried about.

Covid has meant that Jeffrey and I have been together almost every day for the last two years. 

We never tire of each other’s company.

After 41 years of marriage, we still like it that way.

Without full time work and with Jeffrey on the road for three weeks, the Ride will be particularly stressful for me this year.  More stress means more anxiety.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, dread, and uneasiness. It might cause you to sweat, to feel restless and tense, to have a rapid heartbeat and even to struggle to breathe.

This is a hint of how Ride anxiety affects me.

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stress.  When prolonged, it is very uncomfortable. I know.

Other factors will bring me more worry than I usually have with these excursions. Jeffrey will be cycling through the Cascade Mountains in Washington State and the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.  Cell phone service is spotty in these remote areas, which will prevent me from locating where Jeffrey and Joey are on a map.

You can help and join me in wishing Jeffrey and Joey bon voyage.


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Support Human Rights First, as Jeffrey and I have for more than 39 years.

Support me, by checking in with me by phone or email, until Mr. Jeffrey returns and takes me out for ice cream.

15 thoughts on “Guest Essay: Twelve Years of Road Trips

  1. I will be checking in with you Nancy and following Jeffrey and Joey on their ride through a beautiful part of the country!! for such a good cause. I know how much the ride means to Jeffrey and I sure understand your anxieties. We’ll all be in this together- and then Vienna for a wedding!!

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  2. Nancy, I will be thinking of you and Jeffrey. His dedication towards his yearly biking adventure is
    humbling to those of us who simply donate money. to organizations which support the rights of all persons, whatever religion, race, or country of birth. While cell phone service is sparse and unpredictable, might there be another way to keep in touch? I have some ideas – not here.
    Jeffrey and Joey, bon voyage

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  3. We’ll all be following Jeffrey’s ride, and praying for his safe travels. I can’t even imagine your anxiety, but I hope that your communications with him will allow some of that to abate. Nesiyah tovah Jeffrey!

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  4. I’ll be following Jeff’s trip And will be here for you Nancy closer to home. You are both such special people, and this is quite a commitment for both of you. I can only begin to tell you how much I admire the both of you

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  5. Hi Nancy, we are looking forward to seeing Jeff in the next couple of days. We are honored to be able to share Pesach with him and to personally wish him a bon voyage on the next leg of his ride. Hoping to see you and the kids and grands soon.



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    • thanks so much Andrea. Knowing family will be close Jeffrey as he sets out is a great comfort. Enjoy his cake. Let’s hope TSA doesn’t give him a hard time about a Passover cake. And enjoy your Seder which I’m sure will be wonderful. Hope to see you and your grands soon. — Nancy


  6. Thanks for sharing what’s going on in your lives. It is such a brave path that Jeffrey has followed literally and figuratively – you should be very proud! And how brave of YOU to share how you’re feeling. I am here for you, dear friend! We are due for a call anyway! In the meantime, here’s hoping you and your family have a lovely Passover. Love, nanette

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