While Plotting Our 2022 Ride …

… we learned something new.

Joey here.

What does “raving” mean to you?

Raving meant this to me.
To Jeffrey, raving meant the same thing; plus, wild techno-music mob dancing.

Rob Harter introduced us to a riff on these definitions:

Raving Fan.

Rob earned a doctorate from Fuller University. An energetic man of many talents, he is Executive Director of Christian Center of Park City (CCPC), and was Chair of Utah’s MLK Jr. Commission for Human Rights.

In September, Rob and Jeffrey talked online for 30 minutes about the Ride, about refugees, and about Human Rights First.

You can listen in.


Rob invited us to visit him in Park City when the Ride takes us from Seattle to Utah. We’ll share more about that this spring.

Be well, stay safe, stay tuned.

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