Peddling a Pedaling Podcast

Joey here.

Our friend Emily at Human Rights First introduced us to Islam Unravelled, “the Official Anti-Racism Faith-Based Convener for British Columbia”.

The Canadian government funds a pro-refugee, anti-bigotry organization. Imagine an America in which our government did the same!

Tariq and Yusuf, of the Islam Unravelled Anti-Racism Initiative, interviewed us about the Ride and human rights. They edited our conversation and produced a podcast.

You can LISTEN to the podcast here or here.
You can WATCH a video of the podcast here. Jeffrey did the talking. I took center stage.

Tariq is a fan of Marvel Comics, and thus of NYC, where many Marvel superheroes do their super work.

We like NYC too.

And we share our new friends’ passion for human rights for all.

Seattle is a short drive from Islam Unravelled headquarters. Tariq wants to bike with us after the international border reopens, perhaps for part of the post-pandemic Seattle-to-Provo leg of our Ride to the Lower 48 States. Yusuf might follow by car to make an international human rights caravan. We’ll keep it on our radar.

Come back soon as we delve deeper into the history of peoples who made the U.S. and Canada—the North America—we love.