Ride for Human Rights: Joey Goes Historic

Joey here. Kangaroo Court Puppet. Conceived in Australia. Born in Korea. American now.

On Russell Shorto’s Island at the Center of the World

I’ve been with Jeffrey for 30 years. He’s my chauffeur for the annual Ride for Human Rights.


Join us virtually on May 20 at 2:30 pm EDT as we begin our 11th annual Ride.

Jeffrey and I will discuss our plans for 2021. We’ll talk about we’ve learned from past Rides. A new American citizen will attend: You’ll see America and the Ride afresh, through her eyes.

Human Rights First also will launch the Get Jeffrey Over the Line Challenge so that on this Ride you can join us, and help us raise critical awareness and funds for refugees, by biking, walking, or running alongside us wherever you are.

All registered attendees will receive a recording of the event. Please register even if you are unable to attend our live appearance.

Register today: https://info.hrfspringsocial.org/event/2021-ride-for-human-rights-launch/e339355

Date: Thursday, May 20

Time: 2:30 – 3:30 PM (New York)

Our history:

Since April 2011, Jeffrey and I have pedaled nearly 12,000 miles and spent over 7 months on the road, talking with Americans from Atlantic to Pacific, from Lake Superior to the Gulf of Mexico, about the American asylum system and the fundamental importance of human rights.

Our 2012 Inspired Cycle Engineering Sprint 26 has been waiting since March 2019 for us to return to Seattle and bike to Provo, Utah. We won’t go west until the pandemic has waned enough, and immunity is widespread enough, for respectful close encounters with the people we meet.

In 2020, we stayed safe by biking close to home in New York and New Jersey. We carried our Human Rights sign, spoke with a few masked people, and shared illustrated essays with our readers.

This year, our local focus will be on the immigrants—millions of whom today would be considered refugees—who made, and make, NYC and America what they are.

If, for all its flaws, you love America—as we do—thank an immigrant! (And thank North America’s First Nations, whose land is our safe harbor in a stormy world.)

See you on May 20. Then watch for us on the road!

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