Friends, It’s Time We Met

Joey here, on Veterans Day.

Our Rides often find us in the Heartland on Memorial Day.  Not this year.

892 miles into the pandemic version of our 10th annual Ride, we should have traveled from Seattle to Wooleys, Idaho.

The pandemic forced us to make do with local trips.

Autumn leaves hide cracks, holes, tree roots. NYC cyclist beware!

New Jersey Palisades across the Hudson from Manhattan’s Inspiration Point.

Bike path construction requires a detour between W. 100th & W. 125th Streets. They think we’re going to bike up these stairs??!!

We don’t cruise aimlessly.

On Election Day, there was a candid photo of Jeffrey—a nonpartisan Roving Election Protection Poll Monitor for Common Cause—in The Gothamist.

And we travel the city for Project Guardianship, an affiliate of the Vera Institute of Justice.

This streetside monument in Brooklyn’s Canarsie Cemetery caught Jeffrey’s eye. “Notable” Mr. Warts was a U.S. Army Signal Corps officer during the Civil War. Later he become a justice of the peace.

Still, we miss the excitement of the open road.

Our sympathetic friends at Human Rights First decided to spice things up.

They invite you to join us at a salon!

Not this kind of salon.

W. 63rd Street & Freedom Place

This kind of salon!  Scroll down for details.

CLICK HERE to register. It’s free! If you can’t take part live, you can view a recording afterward.

Come hear how, on our Rides from coast to coast, from the Great Lakes to the Gulf, we reach out to our fellow Americans—the People from whom our government’s power derives—to exchange ideas about making our country safe, prosperous, and humane.

We need respectful talk to repair our country.  Let’s begin the conversation together on Monday, November 16, 2020, at noon Eastern Time.

Ask us questions.  Tell us what you think.

We look forward to seeing our friends of long standing—and new friends!

We look forward to seeing YOU!  🙂