To Puget Sound

Thus far we have pedaled 430 miles on the road from Valley Ford, California, to the edge of Seattle.

Everywhere we go, when we talk about mistreatment of asylum applicants, we find fans of Human Rights First and the IWC.

L to R: Sarah, Ronda. These Washingtonians believe in human rights for ALL, regardless of national origin. Ronda, who comes from a military family, reminds us that most Americans’ ancestors came from elsewhere, either (like Jeffrey’s grandparents) pushed here by persecutors, or (like many Americans with African ancestry) pulled here by kidnappers and enslavers. We’re happy that our new friends will follow our journey.

We left Puyallup under temporarily dry skies.

The road followed the railroad . . .

. . . along the valley floor . . .

. . . past this interesting house.

Yet industrial buildings dominated the architecture.  Huge trucks dominated the highway.  It was a relief to reach Algona and the Interurban Bicycle Route.

The bike route followed the railroad tracks, past the horse track.

Remote-controlled full-sized locomotives: a model railroader’s dream!

Eventually the bike route ended. After rain, serious hills, and heavy traffic, we came to suburbia.

We arrived at the home of Jeffrey’s brother and sister-in-law.


L to R: David, Joey, Andrea.

Sunset at nearby Puget Sound.

“Red sky at night, cyclist’s delight.”  The sky wasn’t quite red.  It may snow tomorrow.  But that won’t stop us.  We have places to go.

Don’t let a little snow stop you either.

As we near the end of this year’s Ride, we’re grateful for your comments, for your moral support, for following our adventures.  We’ll be grateful, too, if no matter the weather, you would donate to Human Rights First and to the Interfaith Welcome Coalition.

Hundreds of good people cheer us on every day.  Words and thoughts and good vibes mean a lot.  But they aren’t enough.

Puppets like me, by our nature, need nothing.  Jeffrey needs nothing and works for free because his dear Nancy shares everything with him.

But others have needs.

The IWC needs money to buy bus tickets, food, toys, medicine, and more for refugee families dumped by the federal government at the San Antonio bus station.

Human Rights First needs money to train volunteer lawyers to defend asylum applicants, and to continue its fight against persecution and torture here and abroad.

Now is the time to provide tangible help if you can.  Nancy and Jeffrey pay all expenses of these Rides, so you can’t help with that.  But you can join them in donating to Human Rights First and to the IWC.

(Joey and Jeffrey will sign and mail a souvenir Beatles postcard to donors of any amount to Human Rights First.  Please be patient ’til they return home.)

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures immensely! Remember when we saw you near St. Louis on the Madison County Trail System. Be safe and happy travels.


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