California Friendly

The moon still was visible at sunrise over Ocean Cove.  After a long chat with our new hotelier friends Tim and Richard—they taught us a lot about life and work in this part of California—we hit the road under a cloudless sky.

The Pacific was a startling deep blue.

Headwinds were strong, the hillls were high and steep, but both were less ferocious than yesterday.

We crossed the county line from Sonoma to Mendocino.  Instead of smooth asphalt, the pavement now was crumbly and covered in loose gravel.  Grant, who works for CalTrans, said much of Highway 1 in Mendocino County is like that.

There was so much loose gravel on the hill leaving downtown Gualala that our rear wheel spun instead of propelling us up.  Jeffrey had to push us, step by careful step, past this sign to where the pavement was rideable.

Just before we crested the hill, we saw a man taking photos.  He motioned to Jeffrey, then stopped traffic so we could pedal across the road into a parking lot.

J. Stephen McLaughlin is the publisher of the Independent Coast Observer newspaper. He had heard rumors of our approach. He joked about the trike’s ICE logo. (It stands for Inspired Cycle Engineering.)

Steve is well-informed.  When Jeffrey told Steve about Human Rights First and how accused criminals are guaranteed a lawyer while non-criminal asylum applicants can have a lawyer only “at no expense to the government”, Steve said he knew of the little children forced to appear alone before an immigration judge.  When Jeffrey mentioned the Interfaith Welcome Coalition’s aid to newly released immigration detainees at the San Antonio bus station, Steve expressed long-standing fury at the dumping of penniless putative refugees at bus stations.

Steve will mail us a copy of his article.  He wished us a good journey.

We continued north.  Motorists gave us plenty of room and many friendly waves.

Jeffrey was tired when we reached Arena Point.

Cheerful Jaime, a construction worker, directed us to an historic hotel. Note the gravel underfoot even in downtown Point Arena.

Richey is a carpenter and a member of the city council. He volunteered that his wife’s sister was visiting so he had no spare bedroom, and invited us to stay in his camping trailer. Jeffrey was touched by the offer. Americans’ kindness gives us the courage to take these annual Ride-leaps into the unknown.

Outside the Wharf Master’s Inn—like almost everything in this area, the Inn is reached by going up a steep hill—Joe and Christina asked to take Jeffrey’s photo.  They had a quick chat; the couple needed no coaxing to applaud the work of Human Rights First and the Interfaith Welcome Coalition, and the sunset would wait for no one.

Left to right: Joe, Christina.

The clerk at the Inn gave us a discount and a fancy room.  Jeffrey ignored the jacuzzi but enjoyed the balcony and the sunset.

At the nearby Chowder House, Marc took Jeffrey’s pasta order. Marc shares our views on the injustice of America’s treatment of asylum applicants.

Marc holding one of our Human Rights First Ambassador cards.

But he doesn’t share Jeffrey’s response to heavy exercise. Workouts make Marc hungry. Biking all day kills Jeffrey’s appetite. Jeffrey took away most of the linguine pesto alfredo in a box. Maybe he’ll be hungry for breakfast.

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  1. Joey, Please tell Jeffrey to please eat! Just maybe not linguine pesto alfredo! I commend your courage and energy. And the friendly nature of your rncounters. Sincerely, Helen

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    Helen Stein, PhD


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  2. wow what gorgeous scenery and great folks you are meeting! thanks for the awareness you are raising!


  3. I remember lots of little towns along the coast, with signs saying things like “Elevation 54, Population 47”. It was usually windy in Ocean Shores, too. Hopefully it will calm as you move inland.

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  4. We are following your Trip again 😊. I love your spirit and courage, your stories and photos. All the best for your trip. May you stay fit and healthy and always find friendly helpers on your way.
    Heike + Horst from Frankonia, Germany

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  5. I’ve not kept up with your trip, but appreciate all of the hard pedaling that Jeffrey is doing to get Joey out and about. I’ll comment on other posts, but just wanted to applaud the sunset pictures! Gorgeous!


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