“My heart lies in the East and I am at the edge of the West.”

—Jeffrey, quoting Yehuda Halevi, who wrote that line 800 years ago.

The moon was bright over the Hudson River when we awoke this morning.

Nancy stayed back East … so that’s where Jeffrey’s heart lies. Nancy took our photo. Then we left for the airport.

We took off next to Jamaica Bay on the Atlantic Ocean.

Five hours later, we spotted the Pacific. We’ll bike north through that terrain.

California is unusually green this winter.

Snow is rare on the low distant peaks.

Our friends Nattie and Julie picked us up at the San Jose airport, fed Jeffrey, and gave us time and space to prepare our gear.

L to R: Nattie, Joey, Julie

Jeffrey replaced the Sprint 26’s rear tire and tube, worn from pushing us 3000 miles since oiur last tire change in Chicago. The front tires still are good because they just roll; they don’t spin through sand and gravel.

Almost ready!

Now everything is organized and stowed.  Tomorrow the Ride begins!

8 thoughts on ““My heart lies in the East and I am at the edge of the West.”

  1. Ready! Set ! Ride for Justice Jeffrey. We are with you in spirit and support for your cause so especially relevant today.


  2. All the best Jeffrey. I look forward to following your progress and reading about your adventures day by day. May the “weather deities” be good to you and Joey!

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