As April Ends . . .

. . . we begin!

Joey here.

I allowed Jeffrey to post some remarks on April 4.  Since then, I have been in a closet while he took some time to tend his crops . . .

. . . visit his native village . . .

. . . enjoy sunrises and sunsets . . .

. . . spend time with Nancy, for whom he is such a sap . . .


. . . and equip our Lightning Phantom bicycle for a long haul.  (Our tricycle is waiting for our return to San Jose next spring to try again to pedal to Seattle.)


Karl Abbe, the wizard at Zipp Designs, made us a new Lexan fairing to protect us from wind and the worst of the weather.


Tomorrow we’ll load our electric car and pilot ourselves and our kit toward Indiana.

We biked across Indiana in 2011.  We’ll tag up there, then turn south into Kentucky, bound for Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.  We’ll tell the truth about immigration, refugees and asylum.  We’ll point out that accused shoplifters are entitled to a lawyer, but refugees fleeing death can have a lawyer’s help only “at no expense to the government”.  We’ll remind the people we meet of what Scriptures say about duty to strangers and refugees.  We’ll listen to what our new friends have to teach us.

At this moment, Human Rights First is mobilizing lawyers and advisers to help desperate people who are coming to our southern border and lawfully asking for refuge.  Lawyer Jeffrey, who has represented asylum applicants for 35 years, feels bad not taking part in that effort.  But all must help in their own way.  For now, our way is to talk with the people, to ride for human rights.

Please help in your own way.  Remind people of our better natures.  Extend a hand in a concrete way if you can.  And consider donating to Human Rights First.


8 thoughts on “As April Ends . . .

  1. Sending you love & fair winds, Jeffrey!

    Gina L. Taglieri
    Director of Development
    Human Rights First American ideals. Universal values.
    Direct: 212.845.5252 | Cell: 917.860.9450 | | Facebook | @HumanRights1st


  2. Jeffrey, hope you get to visit with Ross and Jamaine on this leg of your journey. Jamaine starts her career officially this summer teaching English to immigrant families. You guys are on the same page and Mimi and I are proud of you both.


  3. Stay safe and most importantly – have fun. You are making another leg of an incredible journey. Enjoy your time with your kids and David.

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  4. Still planning to see you tomorrow afternoon or evening to welcome Joey to Kentucky! Let me know your route and timing when you have it My phone is 502-265-8777.

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  5. Am glad that Jeffrey has overcome his health issues and has regained his strength.
    Hope that there were no moth balls in the closet, Joey.
    Am looking forward to following
    Los Dos Amigos on their “Ride”.
    Stay safe…


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