Joey here.

Last night we looked west, over the Hudson River (a tidal estuary of the Atlantic Ocean), past New Jersey, toward California.


Early this morning, we watched the moon set.

Then we left for California.

We crossed North America by air.  This is a bit of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.  On the 2014 Great Lakes Ride, we biked through here.


We landed by San Francisco Bay (an arm of the Pacific Ocean).




Tonight we’re with friends Julie and Nattie.  Jeffrey organized our gear and loaded the Sprint 26.  Tomorrow we roll north.


10 thoughts on “Flyover

  1. Welcome to California. Hope the weather will be good for you. Rain at the coast means we have a chance of snow in the mountains, and we need snow. Good luck!


  2. As you embark on your next bicycle ride, I hope you go from strength to strength and return to us in the best of health. Good luck and Bon Voyage.


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