Guest Post: Heads in the Sand

red kangaroo female digging

A red kangaroo digging in the desert . . . to bury her head?

Nancy here, with my annual pre-departure guest appearance.

It would be easy these days to put one’s head in the sand and try to ignore it all. Some days, I don’t want to open the newspaper.

And now, with Jeffrey and his kangaroo puppet heading off into the desert, there is more to worry about and more reason to be distracted. Jeffrey and Joey will fly to Albuquerque tomorrow, April 18, to pick up their tricycle and continue the journey to California. Most of the route will be hot, sparsely populated, and often at high altitude.

This year, I have two apps to track Jeffrey, one based on GPS and the other relying on cell phone towers. I should be able to pinpoint Jeffrey’s location most of the time. On other rides, I have phoned directions when Jeffrey took a wrong turn, but this time there will be stretches when he won’t be reachable. Whatever the circumstances, our children and I will do our best at ground control.

Please read the illustrated blog that Jeffrey posts every night from the road. You can sign up on the WordPress site to get the daily post automatically. On the site, you can post words of encouragement to our cyclists on their goodwill tour to talk to our fellow Americans about freedom and the right of good people to live in the USA if they can prove a well founded fear of persecution.

Jeffrey’s new title is Ambassador for Human Rights First, an outstanding organization that helps immigrants, particularly refugees.

Please consider clicking here to donate to honor the ride.  Jeffrey and I pay all the expenses of these journeys.  Your entire donation supports Human Rights First.

Don’t forget that I’m available for phone calls, coffee breaks, and other put-your-head-in-the-sand activities, until I see Jeffrey again on May 12.



7 thoughts on “Guest Post: Heads in the Sand

  1. Nancy, I know you won’t put your head in the sand but will be with Jeff: all the way. So will I. Good luck to you both. Love, Dad

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  2. Hi Jeff, best wishes from Germany: Don’t get any flat Textes and don’t forget the water :). Take care,
    Heike and Horst
    PS: we are Pulse of Europe (check it out you will love to hear about this)

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