Great Lakes Coda

Special thanks to our hosts along the road, Leslie and Ken, Grace and Leo, Zena and Ed, Karen and Michael, Deena and David.  They fed me, sheltered me, made me feel at home and at peace.

So many people showed great kindness along the way.  From buying me food, to giving me discounts, to tooting and waving in support, to offering water and shelter and kind words and advice, to spending the time to talk to me and to listen too – I can’t begin to count them all, some of them never told me their names, and I can’t thank them enough.

Perfect strangers handed me money for Human Rights First.  Some of those people look as if they have little to spare.  Their generosity awes me.  I hope to be like them when I grow up.

People sent me texts and emails, posted kind comments on the blog, donated money, and otherwise showed their support.  On hard days, on broken pavement or with sun beating down or blown rain stinging my face, I needed the encouragement of knowing that people were following the journey.  It never was lacking.  I didn’t answer most messages, but I read them and am grateful for them.

Kathy Jones, Lauren Trinka, and others at Human Rights First – too many to name – were with me all the way.

And my incomparable family – daughters Deena and Rebecca, son Benjamin, son-in-law David, and the marvelous Nancy – were my ground control, my lodestar, my very air.