We Meet A Cycle Trekker

We forgot to mention last night that Ms. Mitchell (who rated two photos, one at work and one without her glasses, as she prefers) is unusual because she knows the expression “kangaroo court”. When she was a court clerk, a litigant so referred to the tribunal in the presence of a judge. The judge fined the litigant $100 for contempt.

Outside Nahunta, we scared up a small white egret, and an enormous white bird of similar shape and dark gray head. The big bird flapped into a tall tree.



Many other birds, colorful and musical, were along the way. And lots of butterflies.


This Georgia town is in Walt Kelly’s “Pogo” territory.


We crossed the St. Marys River and entered Florida.


These gentlemen were inspecting a bridge a short distance from the state line. The man on the left was originally from Westchester County, NY. The man on the right grew up in Key West, FL. They gave Jeffrey the good news that Florida largely confines rumble strips to Interstate highways, where human powered vehicles are forbidden anyway.


Most of today’s roads had decent shoulders. We took a few shortcuts on unpaved residential streets that were much easier going than the wheel-swallowing sand tracks in Georgia.


Southbound a few miles north of Yulee, Florida, we waved at the first cycle tourist we’ve seen on this Ride, northbound Joerg (he prefers Jörg but generously accommodates us English spellers). His panniers and German flag gave him away. He crossed US 17 to chat with us.


Jörg grew up in the former East Germany and now lives near Nuremberg. He is cycling on his commuting bicycle, equipped for the long haul, from Key West to the U.S.-Canada border. No skinny tires for him! Jörg remarked at how Americans often don’t tell him distances in miles/kms, but in “minutes” (by car). He and Jeffrey talked about free movement within the European Union and how cumbersome the process has become to visit the U.S. We’re happy Jörg could visit, see beautiful America as only a cyclist can, and spend some money. The refugees HRF helps defend wish they too were free to enjoy America for a few weeks and return home.  But they can’t, which is why they need asylum, and volunteer lawyers recruited and trained by Human Rights First.

4 thoughts on “We Meet A Cycle Trekker

  1. Wow, Florida already?! Good pedaling, Jeff. And good international friends! Enjoy the Sunshine State.
    (Sorry, iPhone cut me off before!)


  2. That English trike is great for long hauls. Our new German friend was incredulous at how far we came, how fast. It helps to be willing to take some direct routes rather than only quiet ones. His intended path will involve fewer cars . . . but we bet he’ll see more speedy hungry houn’ dawgs! –Joey


  3. An unexpected treat! Motor traffic doesn’t faze these critters. It took the trike to flush the birds out of the swamp beside the road. You can’t see this stuff from a car!


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