For Bike and Freedom Aficionados

After deciding to undertake this journey, Jeffrey added the Zzipper fairing (windscreen) to the BikeE for streamlining.   We recently made other changes to improve efficiency.

Weatherproof Cargo Box

Here I am in our building’s bike room, atop our new cargo carrier.  It’s a plastic file box with a snap-top lid.  The box is a little smaller and lighter than a plastic crate.  The smooth sides improve airflow, and it’s weatherproof.  The box will sit behind Jeffrey, out of the wind.

New Pedals, New Tires

This is one of our new tires.  At 70 psi, the Schwalbe Marathons roll faster than our old 50 psi Duros.

By my right ear, you’ll see a Shimano clipless pedal.  People in Central Park, where we train for our trip, called out to Jeffrey that he should replace his platform pedals.  He tried the Shimanos, and aside from the obligatory stoplight tumble when he forgot to unlatch his cycling shoes, we like the result.

It’s nice to have the time to ponder and implement these changes, and to have the freedom to try them on the road.  As we do these things, our immigration status matters only if someone cares that we are here, without regard to what we do here.  We go about our business, thinking and planning, adding to the nation’s commerce, hurting no one, as we revel in the basic human right to be left alone.