Matter Transmission

Today was a day of human-, petroleum-, and electric-powered transport.

At sunup, we met Terry. He’s from LA and does logistics for a Minneapolis company.

Logistics people know about moving stuff. Terry was impressed with how far we’ve moved our stuff in the past three weeks, and with our purpose. We were impressed with his colored pen collection.

We pedaled four miles to Jim’s and Larry’s house. Jim came out to greet us before we’d rolled to a stop.

L to R: Joey, Jim.
We unloaded our gear, folded the trike, and stowed everything in the garage.

We planned to take a Lyft to the airport. Jim, generous and kind, drove us there in his hardtop convertible.

Jeffrey didn’t pedal. It felt magical.

On the plane, most of our fellow passengers inexplicably kept their shades closed. Didn’t they want to see the world? We were (with a nod to Tom Wolfe) SPAM in a can.
The arrow marks our Manhattan home on the Hudson River. (We weren’t near a window so this aerial photo was taken across another passenger’s lap.)
A train from Newark Airport brought us to the New York City subway. The downtown train across the tracks has more people than many of the towns we biked through.

How we missed Nancy!

Especially Jeffrey.

She greeted us with a big hug.

L to R: Jeffrey, Nancy, Joey.

We stepped on the scale.

On this, our 13th annual, 23 day, 1579 mile (2541 km) Ride, I didn’t lose an ounce. I still weigh about one pound (~454 grams).

Jeffrey lost 15 lbs (7 kg). It took a lot of energy to move us from Eden to Minneapolis.

Jeffrey will spend a few days readjusting to city life.

Then he’ll post a summing-up.

See you soon!