Here, There, and Everywhere 🎶

Joey here.

Been there. Going everywhere. Thinking peace.

We’re counting down to our departure on February 19.

The president and his minions lie about immigrants and refugees.

We don’t lie.  We deal in facts.  We’ve shared the facts for years.

All immigrants, even unauthorized immigrants, have the right to request asylum under the Refugee Act of 1980; see 8 U.S. Code § 1158(1)(a).

Immigrants have lower disease and crime rates, and higher labor force participation rates, than people born in America.

Most American crimes, drugs, disease and sloth are Made in the USA.

The administration’s contrary statements and insinuations are a fairy tale.  Or a horror story.  With emphasis on story.

Roxana Bacon, law professor and former Chief Counsel for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, recently wrote to her colleagues on a listserv for past and present law professors like Jeffrey.

“i honestly do not know how to react anymore—numb from the repetitive outrage and inequities. how are others coping?”

Jeffrey and I cope, in part, by “going out amongst the farmers”, as Jeffrey’s refugee farmer grandfather said.  It restores our faith in America to meet people in what might seem unlikely places—last year in, say, Calhoun City, Mississippi, or Sonora, Kentucky, or Russellville, Alabama—people who, when they know the facts, want to treat newcomers kindly and justly as our national laws and our Scriptures command.

There’s good will out there.  American minds are open if we listen, then gently explain the law and the facts.

We know this from all past 8 Rides.

We’ve biked from NYC to 37 states & DC. Next are Oregon & Washington.

Our 2011-2018 routes.

2019: Valley Ford to Seattle.

The Rides teach us, and help us cope.  What’s in it for you?

Armchair adventure!  See slices of America up close and personal without breaking a sweat.

Meet fine people!  Our friends are your friends.  We make new friends each day on the road.

Take satisfaction in helping!  Help Human Rights First fight for a better America and a better world.  Help the Interfaith Welcome Coalition repair some of what our government, in our name, has broken in innocent lives!  All donations go 100% to the respective organizations.  Jeffrey and Nancy cover all the Ride expenses.

And as ever, each Ride donor receives a postcard signed by Joey and Jeffrey!

The cards have been of NYC scenes, mostly.  This year will be different.

The late Joel Glazier, humanitarian and renowned Beatles expert, often wrote comments on our blog.  He had a large collection of Beatles postcards. Joel’s brothers, Richard and Bradford, gave us the postcards with their wish that we share Joel’s joy with you.

A small sample. Will you get a pic of your Fab Four favorite? A rare collectors’ item? Donate and try your luck!

Give and ye shall receive.

And we’ll keep smiling as we think about the good Americans awaiting us on the road.


P.S. – Roxie says to tell you that she feels better after donating for the Ride!

Roxie Bacon is happy! You’ll glow too when you follow her lead. Subscribe to our blog! Track us on the Ride! Donate to Human Rights First and the IWC!

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  1. Glad that you are continuing your journey, enabling all of us who support your values to help be part of your journey of spreading the word. Thank you.


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